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The relevant fields for contouring the earth’s surface are urban planning, farm planting, and landscaping. Pages linked to below serve as direct intros to these interests. For the most relevant detail, each page has a corresponding PDF.

Urban Planning

The most relevant section for urban planning and large developments of entire neighborhoods is Dueling Grids leading off the Ground Design page. It is very broad brush and simple but probably so strict that a way to interface with existing layouts is necessary. That way is also simple and may be accessed through the Advanced Applications section concluding Ground Design and the Path section of Wheel Extrapolations.  

Farm Planting

All sections of Ground Design pertain to farm field design which in the code context must usually be small because of its precise specifications. The Path section of Wheel Extrapolations is also quite relevant.


All sections of Ground Design also pertain to small backyard to large development landscape contouring design. Intro to more options can be accessed through the Wheel-based Shelter section of Wheel Extrapolations and the Pad Foundations section of Extra-topographic Guidelines.