The Metaphysical Game of Baseball

Where the code delves into ground design, the 2D surface grids that guide such follow natural lines of longitude (Polar) and latitude (Rotational); and the (locally) rectilinear Diamond grid skewed 45° from the P-R grid.

The P-R grid is fairly common in the US (most of the Midwest, LA, Chicago, Houston, etc.) but the D-grid is pretty rare. In the strictly local sense, the geometry of baseball fields probably afford the most familiar examples of the diamond configuration – although they rarely conform to the NE,NW,SE,SW specification that the code requires.

In integrating the 2 grid types one to the other, the code rule is very strict, very simple, and derives from the linear transition between the geocentric cuboda and (either) celestial cube appended to (either equatorial) square. The change in direction between a radial bode line and an outward directed cube edge is an open 45°. A sharp 45° turn on the other hand is not allowed in transitioning between grids.

In baseball, every play is initiated by the pitcher with his aim being to throw a strike past the batter, that is to break the rule forbidding a sharp 45°. Conversely, the batter must prevent this from happening, and to the extent he succeeds, he defends the honor of the diamond.

Admittedly, viewing the game in this way is 180° off from how it traditionally sees pitchers and his assistants as defense and the batting (and base running) lineup as offense. But in this day and age when meanings of words are increasingly perverted, I would argue from first principles that defense by definition always responds secondly to the initiating offensive act. From this standpoint, pitchers are kind of evil and batters brave defenders very close to the line of fire.

So where does metaphysics come into the baseball geometry picture? The reason for not allowing sharp 45° turns and following the open bode/cube transition is actually rather sublime. In this world, the bode/cube relationship – conveniently and naturally based on plane and principle – constitutes the best possible way in which the material cube may interact with the spiritual bode in the context of having to deal with gravitational and electromagnetic forces which make a model of their truest (heavenly) relationship unrealizable.

But there or here, the forms and the angles between them are the same. So hope you enjoy what remains of the 2017 MLB league championships and World Series – as well as your local competitions – with this new way of looking at the game.

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