Complex Orders of Sphere Clusters

Cuboctahedron sphere clusterIn addition to the most basic order of sphere clusters that the underlying bode (cuboctahedron) pattern constitutes, the code utilizes a couple of other simple ordered sphere cluster configurations. In departing from the bode pattern, these orders have hardly any representation in nature as I believe bode geometry does, but as they extend from the latter in a natural way, they possess a sensible usefulness if thoughtfully applied.

Appending spheres to 4 comprising any bode square cluster – in a way that duplicates that square’s (right) angles of intersecting lines – results in a simple cube which is quite abstract and rare in nature.


Two such cubes appended to opposing squares of the geocentric thunderhead bears rough correspondence to the mysterious natural phenomena of barred galaxies characterizing our own Milky Way. As the cube forms the basis of humanity’s built world, two of same are used to form the code’s highly specified architectural style.

The other cluster order that The Code utilizes is defined by its underlying triangular prism which simply stacks 3-sphere triangular clusters upon each other to form the base unit by which a larger form of hexagonal alternation is configured. It’s connection to bode geometry arises by first shifting that form along any innate bisecting hexagonal plane.


The bode spherical accretion rule of not deep nesting into a tetrahedral cluster is broken only along the bisecting plane to attain a mirror symmetry. With such a clearly defined bode pattern break, the transverse hexagonal expansion of triangular prisms finds easy justification. As with the cube cluster, departing from the rules of an indefinite accretion of spheres does so in a clear specified way for a very specific reason entailing very basic application.


With the hexagonal shift and expansion, the dynamic quality of the bode cluster order is neutralized by virtue of its symmetry transformation, an attribute that logically makes the form appropriate for vehicular components at rest relative to the forward motion afforded by the unshifted bode “wheel”.

If such clear simple order transformations can arise from the basic bode pattern to enable more complex functions by departing from spherical accretion rules, what are the possibilities for more complex orders? In nature, there are atoms of increased nuclear (and thus electronic) complexity. While one might regard using spheres to model such as outdated by quantum probability clouds, atomic sphere clusters still model a significant aspect of physical reality. And so with the next level of molecular constructs where spheres do not merely touch at one point but rather interpenetrate.


In a thought experiment, something akin to the exceedingly complex order posed by models of DNA – the molecules of life – might be attempted starting from the bode base cluster and ignoring the rule against deep nesting spheres into tetrahedral clusters to form those of sophisticated sequences such that their orders eventually, in some sense, return to satisfy some condition and thus repeat. In their complexity they may appear locally random but theoretically can be made to rise into the two intertwined helical forms that characterize the molecule. Even with only a few atomic elements characterizing DNA, however, this sophistication surely cannot be matched by the bode cluster pattern with its departure requirement of one sphere size only.

What is interesting to ponder in all this is the possibility of material elements coming into such a complex order from shear chance. If I read them correctly, Intelligent Design proponents argue that it is more probable for a jumbo jet to spontaneously assemble itself from a tornado passing through a junk yard than a DNA molecule forming from a soup of the requisite elements. With zillions of random movements and interactions per second, I have to question the soundness of this analogy. On the other hand, if the negative probability isn’t sufficient for a DNA to form by accident, I suspect a molecule thus formed would very likely disintegrate into oblivion just as fast it formed, unless some higher agency was informing and guiding the process – like the Holy Spirit.

IMG_1464However that may be, a most sophisticated order of spherical accretion is entailed in building and maintaining life, an order perfectly – and very delicately – balanced. With the bode’s clunkier indefinite accretion of (equal-sized) spheres, a single mistake can lead to no order at all if placements degenerate into a “natural” and totally indiscriminate deep nesting of spheres. I strongly suspect that something analogous to this is what happens with the growth of cancer. A mistake caused by confusion or conflict, rebellion or weakness left uncorrected by the lack of a suitably disciplining agency engenders a complete breakdown of order.

Ever more conflicted inner worlds in ever more complex social realities wallowing in ever more complex exploitation and technologic pollutions against over conserved ecosystems would seem to factor heavily in the relatively recent preponderance of this disease. Something truly sublime is entailed with the order of life, and if an exemplary reset to an essential order is deemed to have little value, the Ultimate Instiller of such should be given its due with our full appreciation.

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