Orders of Sphere Clusters

I believe the geometric foundation upon which the code is based can aptly be called universal essentially because it is based on, in fact built by, spheres – the forms characterizing virtually all the celestial bodies, those elementary particles that can truthfully be called both particles and elementary, and the ubiquitous overlapping potential fields engendered by charge (electrostatic) and mass (gravitation).

In such light, spheres clustered according to the underlying bode (cuboctahedron) pattern constitute the simplest order possessing the capacity of being extended outward or divided inward to any imaginable degree – while retaining the individual sphere’s attribute of having a natural center in that any cluster sphere is potentially a center of the immediate bode pattern spheres fully surrounding it, as opposed to a cubic pattern.

Such bode geometry might also be the simplest expression of the fabric or form of physical space itself – along with time if we accept the inherent dynamism of the bode. In that case spin would be the first motion by which time is perceived as a sequence of events. To say that rotation is the first motion, as opposed to straight line translation, concurs with the idea of space-time curvature.

This is why I believe the bode form is so useful and applicable to such a wide spectrum of constructs we humans have crafted to help us survive in nature. Alas, the reason I have restated all this is to establish a reference point or foundation to function as an introduction to a brief exploration of other very important cluster orders and in doing so underscoring the importance of order. Such will be the topic of the next post or two.


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