A CBA (like) Roofline

On a recent visit to the Tucson, Arizona area, I was reminded of the stark beauty of its skyline, with near and far off jagged mountains surrounding the lushness of its desert lowlands where I slept under the stars, the huge bright constellations rising spectacularly over the silhouetted range I snuggled against, my hunger for intense celestial exposure satisfied, as was a craving to behold the facsimile of Christ’s birth in the scattering of darkened hill fire lights as portrayed in the opening minutes of the Ben Hur motion picture classic.


As this trip was also a working vacation, I frequented a familiar library in which the biking climb to the plateau it situated upon was invariably rewarded by a most welcome example of a key CBA architectural feature. In truth, the building’s tilt is somewhat shallower than what reflects the latitude of its location, and its alignment is skewed from true south; but the planes of the orthogonally intersecting roof sections, together tilted to supply consciousness with an upward cue, well convey an inkling of how the code’s signature architectural style would appear.






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