The All New Improved Code Document

Alas, the expanded version of the code’s stark and comprehensive technical expression – its universally accessible and printable PDF – is finished. I have been working on the expansion (from the 70 page version) for 3 years, and more intensely so since May.

The PDF grew from 70 to 92 pages with more steps for understanding and added material corresponding to new insights and applications. The 7-part organization is still the same with each part growing from 10 to 13 pages.

In them, there have been minor changes to the code here and there, nothing major, such that if you applied a pre-altered code concept, you would not be wrong – just unnecessarily burdened. I think the changes make the code easier to grasp, use, and grow.

The seven 13-page parts are linked from their corresponding pages and here: Orientation; Cube-based Abodes; Rolling Transport; Polytechnic Integration; Ground Design; Wheel Extrapolations; and Extra-topographic Guidelines. The full 92 page document is posted on the Internet Archive.


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