Cosmic U

The circular windows that characterize  cube-based abodes came about in the context of seeking a fresh, clean, and simple futuristic geometry that possessed solar applicability and harmonious bicycle accommodation.

celestial cube-based tiltHow exactly the porthole came to be a key part of the CBA style, arrive it did early in the Spring of 1997. Although a vague intuitive sense of (locally) rotated squares factored into the convention, this was not articulated until later. Before that came an appreciation for how the circle served in conjunction with the tilted cube to subtly incline one’s conscious upward and away from the limited lateral to the infinite above – an attribute initially viewed for its potential to reduce sprawl.

celestial cube-based vectors

Aside from rotation’s perceptual prompting, the tilted effect also manifests in a simple vector approach. Here the net magnitude difference between the roof sections’ vertical components are treated separately. By such, the tilted cube effect can be enhanced or subdued or even introduced at latitudes at or near 45 degrees  by altering the length of one (north or south) section relative to the other.

By coaxing vertical consciousness in this manner, the realm of what might be called spiritual would seem to more likely come into play, with mind and metaphysics lofting up and outward as heart and conscience guided inward and in the opposing direction. Although the (more or less) laterally-attuned  realm of social interaction would appear to cede some geometric influence by such an effect, what remains would seem to benefit from the “spiritual vector” informing it. Regarded thus, vertical accessibility might someday be treated as a basic human right – one to address the awkwardness of the human circumstance.

The cube-based style’s tilted juxtaposition obviously poses an off-kilter picture in contrast to ubiquitous balanced roofs atop variously aligned boxes that orient the cube and its unique ideality to its occupants with the necessity of gravitational reality. Inevitably more inescapable, however, is the bigger picture cued by that celestial cube that is fixed to the natural spin of the earth, the most intimately experienced of all cosmic spheres, and poses an overarching commonality for all regardless of location. If this prime celestial cube represents a cosmic absolute, its relatlocations(co-cube) expression serves as a humble reminder that any one self is but one of a myriad other perspectives.

quintessential intersectionIf one were tempted by common conceit or pharaonic megalomania to avoid the asymmetry’s applicability to housing salt-of-the-earth folks, and appropriate a superficially conceived position of symmetric preference for one’s self, one might consider that what such vanity seeks has already been done to its logical extreme – if existence at the very center of the geocentric cuboda poses an apt parallel – with full foreknowledge of the cost to be exacted on social prestige and the comforts of flesh, toward which the heat of earth’s heart was reflected in an ordeal undertaken by free will and ultimately surmounted by a passion of spirit and faith equal to the task and that extended to him; and in the excruciating agony of hanging pinned hot to the quintessential intersection, voice love and thereby meet the divine hope for all creation, demonstrating the purpose of life.

Being at peace with the juxtaposed duality of geocentric and egocentric cubes might also entail recognition of other dichotomic elements, long symbolized naturally by the sun and the moon, yet typically presented as either/or scenarios: subjectivity versus objectivity, or relative and the absolute. Also suggested by the cubes’ relative rotation is a first move toward pure integration of the cube and bodal forms – even as the impossibility of that prospect with this world’s geometry mirrors that which can only be attained by spirit.

Such an ideal will always be approached with the awkwardness inherent to self conscious beings caught between the thrust of evolutionary momentum of their animal past and relatively recent contact with the Ultimate Creator of that and all history. When principled rectilinear 3D form meets the natural sphere, the resulting bisected plane represents a kind of geometric compromise manifest in the circles and cycles of life. To actually reconcile nature and principle in the purest sense would, like calculus, require infinitessimal size, even to the point of non-existence in order to partake of the most grand reunion, a paradox much easier to conceptualize than realize   – I FEAR.

In this life’s circumstance, the uniqueness in space/time of local abode coordinates might hypothetically be joined by the differing perspectives of others who understand and are humbled in their particular view of the common “up,” and who take their part in filling the whole of locations to heart – while the celestial cubes – set apart and attuned to our spinning sphere’s fundamentals each in their own way – remind anyone, inside or out as occupant or onlooker, of the coexistent dichotomies, and inform their perspectives with the sublime interpretations ultimately sought.

To ground such, what design scientist Donald Norman termed knowlege in the world finds relevancy in the abode of higher learning with a more down to earth offering: Imagine coming upon the celestial cube-based abode on a flat plain. In the course of one day and night, its alignment to the wheeling ecliptic could reasonably imply a center. Add the direction of the cubes’ planes and their relative rotation and another circle orthogonal to the ecliptic is suggested. With just enough information – existence and location on a spinning sphere is inferred.

celestial cube-based spherical inference

So viewed, the abode – set on what has been termed “spaceship earth” – is well oriented to partake of our planet’s grand journey through the cosmos, as it informs relations toward others whose perspectives are also united by the heart of the sphere and a shared “up”. In the beauty of this unity’s variation, the potential value of each toward a timeless celestial abode receives its due appreciation, with final resting places chosen soul by soul by interpretations informed by the earthly abode.

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