Music of the Spheres

In the year 2001, when Geocentric Design Code blossomed but was not fully developed (or named), the importance of the sphere to its conceptual foundation was not yet fully appreciated.

This changed one day as I stood in line at the checkout of a neighborhood store and directly behind a shopping cart where sat an infant boy. While regarding him, his pale blue eyes widened as he lifted a chubby finger to seemingly point at something on my shoulder which he identified with the word “buh.” When it was evident to him that I didn’t comprehend, he repeated the syllable growing more frustrated until I thought to turned around. There it was on a high nearby shelf – a big bright plastic BALL.

Months later, as I meditated on the code’s burgeoning growth, the memory of the forgotten encounter came back to me, and with it the realization of just how deeply basic the sphere is to human understanding of the outer world. And why not? We are immersed in spheres.

There is the sun, and the moon with its changing appearance – the possibility of earth being a sphere also. The first technologic observations showed the wondering stars to be spheres as well, as are the un-numbered fixed points of light presently beheld.

The abstract concept of the sphere – defined by early geometers as an omnidirectional surface of equal radiative distance from a lone dimensionless point – was later found to precisely model the invisible, ubiquitous, and most fundamental force fields of nature. From macrocosmic to microcosmic realms, the gravitational field contributions of all massive entities are spherical, as are the electric potentials of their characteristic charges. Recently, the tiniest known particle – the electron – was determined to be a perfect sphere; and who knows? – The toroidal shapes detected of protons may actually be spherical blurs spinning about points of their own equators.

At the other far extreme of scale, the cosmic background radiation field that evidences the big bang has been found to be as spherical as earth – with its center pegged to you. Perhaps our nebulous souls can be thought of as spheres, each possessing a unique perspective from which it floats, moves, collides and grows toward its chosen end.

As fundamental and ubiquitous as spheres are, the notion of building something out of them would seem highly impractical. Yet two key attributes make spheres suitable for a bit of conceptual construction: the great freedom afforded by their omnidirectional essence; and the logical potentiality for the intrinsic center points to be connected with lines, planes, and solids to shape abodes, transporters, and concerts aiding the journey of aspiring souls.

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