Geocentric Design Code constitutes a universal geometry of abstract spheres keyed to the real earth to serve as a virtual template by which a broad range of architectural and engineering constructs may be fashioned.

The code arose from a lifelong fascination with the shape of things, be they natural, manmade, or geometric. With the possibility of realizing a dream home, rediscovery of a unique crystalline form attributed to Archimedes led to countless hours of designing the house over many years otherwise immersed in global deep sea diving, higher academic studies, and lifestyle experimentation on a bicycle.

The narrow architectural problem of including 2 wheels at rest with 4-wheeled accommodation schemes led to deeper scrutiny of the ancient form’s variegated simplicity, and subsequent harmonious resolution blossomed into a comprehensive design framework I believe is sensibly applicable to other building realms; the contours supporting them; as well as the alternative mobilities of marine, air, and spacecraft design.

Although somewhat futuristic, much code application can be grafted into the existing design world by adventurous students of design whose creativities join penchants for puzzle-solving to meet the challenges of their special fields of interest. So qualified, the wholistic code – deeply attuned to the natural world it frames and compliments – stands ready to aid the goal of a healthier planet that supports life fuller and farther into the future.

To that end, the code’s 7 major sequential parts are accessed on either the navigation or side bars. From these introductory pages are links to relevant posts and graphic galleries, as well as PDFs intended for serious examination, reference, and application. Alternatively, the whole code is laid out in one comprehensive 92-page PDF

Copyright  ©  2001-18 R Randolph Westfall



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